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Thank you for your interest in standing your stallion at Solo Select. We are excited to share our state-of-the-art, sixteen-stall stallion station, which will be completed by Winter of 2024.

Currently, we are in discussions with stallion owners about standing their stallions for the 2025 season. Our facility has limited stalls by design, reflecting our commitment to maintaining our core value of "the very best." This initial selection process is mutual— we feel the stallion AND owner need to be a good fit for Solo. If we pursue discussions with you, we will send a in-depth contract explaining our duties as a stallion station, and yours as an owner.  We feel clear communication and setting expectations from the beginning are crucial for a successful partnership.


Stallions must breed a minimum of 70 mares per year, or the owner will be required to cover the difference in chute fee revenue. We will be introducing a Stallion Incentive Program for 2025 that is exclusive to Solo Select stallions. Detailed information will be provided to potential candidates. Participation in this program will be a significant factor in our selection process.

We have NINE slots available for stallions. We do not anticipate filling all slots for 2025, as we intend to be extremely selective of horses accepted.


We encourage you to submit your stallion for consideration, but please understand that not all submissions will be accepted.


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