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Solo Select exclusively contracts with Select Reproduction for all recipient mare needs. 

Select Reproduction utilizes over 2,000 mares to provide industry-leading recipient mare services to Solo Select customers. They boast one of the largest recipient mare herds in the world.

Customers that use Solo Select's breeding services will have access to Select Reproduction's recipient mares. 


These mares carry your hopes and dreams, and taking care of them is a job they take seriously. The ultimate outcome of your breeding begins long before the embryo is implanted. They prioritize the care and wellness of these mares, year-round, to ensure the very best results, because your success is all of our success.

You can find more information about Select Reproduction here. Mares may only be utilized through Solo Select's breeding services. We can handle all of your breeding needs, from flushing to aspirating. Visit our Breeding Services page for additional information. 

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