Solo Select Horses, LLC is owned by Melanie Smith.


Melanie has been selling horses for over 10 years - she has sold thousands of horses all over the world. Her fierce desire to match incredible horses with buyers led to a huge success in the industry. Melanie became known for her honesty, integrity and quality stock in the world of western cow horses. 


Melanie was raised in Wichita Falls, Texas. She grew up as an avid horse-lover, but her parents were not horse people! After they continuously refused to buy her a pony as a child, she began volunteering at Whispers of Hope Horse Farm, a local therapeutic riding center, where she was able to learn the basics of her favorite thing in the world: a horse.


After her parents realized that Melanie's love for horses was unstoppable, they gave in and bought their 12-year-old a horse. Melanie's parents were given advice by a "trusted" individual in the horse business, and bought her a runaway Tennessee walker cross — not an ideal match for the 12 year old girl- but it was all she had to work with. With the guidance of some very kind horse people, she was eventually able to get the horse fixed and went on to have a wonderful youth barrel horse. However, Melanie's very first experience in the world of "horse traders" was a terrible one- she knew that she wanted to be in the horse business one day- but she wanted to be one of the "good guys." 


The experience sparked her desire to be around great horses and great people. She did just that at age 16, as a loper for Don and Craig Crumpler. While working at Crumpler Brothers Cutting Horses, her love of cow horses blossomed.


Melanie enrolled in nursing school at Midwestern State University after graduating high school in fall 2011, buying and selling horses and ponies to fund her education. She also began barrel racing on Crumpler Brother's "cutter-rejects." She got her WPRA permit in 2012, and later that year filled her card with her first good  barrel horse, Woodys Wild Kiss.


Melanie graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing in 2015 and worked as an Emergency Room Registered Nurse in a fast-paced trauma center at United Regional Hospital for a year and a half. Although she loved her job as a nurse, she quit to pursue the horse business full time. 


As an owner and operator at Lowrance Horses alongside her husband at the time, Melanie sold thousands of horses to customers around the globe. A master of social media marketing and Facebook auctions, she sold 95 percent of her horses sight unseen. Her stallion lineup began in 2016 with Hired Gun, and grew to include Metallic Malice and Automatic Cat in 2017.


Melanie founded Solo Select Horses, an independent venture, in November 2018. She plans to continue to expand her business in the western cow horse industry. She truly enjoys the relationships she builds with her customers and looks forward to serving them in the future!