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Solo Select, Etalon Partner to Build Genetic Database of Western Performance Industry

Etalon Equine Genetics and Solo Select have launched a partnership that will benefit the whole of the equine industry by tracking more genetic markers than ever before in Solo's elite offering of horses.

All broodmares, stallions, performers and sale horses that are breeding stock will undergo Etalon's comprehensive genetic testing, capable of determining a horse's genetic predisposition to color and pattern, performance capabilities and health traits. Etalon offers the standard 5-panel test for diseases like GBED, HERDA, HYPP, MH, PSSM1, but the company also can test for over 75 different colors, patterns, health and disease risks. Plus, Etalon has tests for speed, gait, temperament and size, as well as an interactive ancestral analysis.

"I heard Christa Lafayette, Etalon's founder, speak at the Cowgirl Essence Exchange last year," Melanie Smith, Solo Select founder, said. "I was immediately interested. Etalon is clearly interested in bringing the most cutting-edge genetic technology into the horse industry, pushing the limits on what we think we can understand and what we think we know."

Etalon is overseen by scientific advisors as well as veterinarians, meticulously managing quality control in its results.

All genetic results will be available and transferred to buyers for each horse in The Select Online Sale, allowing those buyers to further pursue even deeper testing with Etalon after purchase.

"We are embarking on an exciting journey with Solo Select," Etalon founder Lafayette said. "By providing all of the genetic testing for The Select Online sale horses, and giving the ability to transfer those results to the owner's new Etalon dashboard, we are empowering horse owners, trainers, and breeders with invaluable insights to unlock the full potential of equine performance and health."

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