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Solo Select Offers Embryo Out of Junior Nogueira's $750,000+ Earner Apache R Hali by Woody Be Tuff

Junior Nogueira's prolific Apache R Hali is one of the winningest rope horses of all time, responsible for the lion's share of earnings that won two PRCA gold buckles, and on Thanksgiving Day, an embryo by the QData's #1 Roping Sire for 2023, Woody Be Tuff, out of the great gray mare will sell in the Select Online Sale.

This will be the first and only publicly available embryo out of the mare who's estimated earnings top $750,000, named one of the top rope horses of all-time and top mares of all-time by The Team Roping Journal. She's had two colts sell to Brazil, and the three-time PRCA World Champion Nogueira has two 2-year-olds he's riding now to campaign in 2025 and one weanling by One Time Pepto he plans to keep, too.

Apache R Hali Junior Nogueira