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Limited Breedings to AQHA World Champion, The Darkk Side, Open Tonight at 5 pm

"To give Trevor and I some credit, we know what we have."

Miles Baker said those words in an interview in May 2023, after announcing the syndication of the bay roan stallion by the name of The Darkk Side, and now, the rest of the rope horse world knows, too: The Darkk Side is the 2023 AQHA World Champion Junior Head Horse with Trevor Brazile.

And, in celebration of that world title, Solo Select and The Relentless Remuda announce the release of the available exclusive breedings to The Darkk Side at 5 p.m. CST Nov. 3, online only on a first-come, first-serve basis. The breedings are owned by the syndicate members, who have the choice to use or sell them every year. This collection of breedings being sold represent a handful of members that have chosen to offer their breeding privileges to the public.

Darkk Side's breeding fee for these breedings will be $6,500 + chute fee. A $1,000 deposit will hold a buyers spot, with 7 days to pay the balance to the Solo Select office. Breedings will be purchased directly on the Solo Select website. A link will be texted and emailed to everyone on the waitlist at 5 pm CST.


"The excitement of syndicate members is at an all time high," Solo Select's Ty Smith said. "We don't expect there to be all that many breedings available, it will be very limited. The requests for contracts have overwhelmed our office at Solo Select. Everyone wants this stallions foals. It says a lot about him and the impact he is already making."

The Darkk Side World Champion
The Darkk Side, 2023 AQHA Junior Heading Open World Champion

Baker and Trevor Brazile, a 26-time World Champion himself, never faltered in their faith in the standout rope horse.

"He's a winner," Brazile said earlier this year after three trips to town brought his earnings to over $20,000 before the summer got underway.

His mind, bone, foot and sheer size has set him apart from the rest, and the Relentless Remuda duo saw the makings of a champion from the very beginning.

"There's just nothing like him" Solo Select's Melanie Smith said. "This is such a huge victory, for all of us here. From the syndicate members, who now have a part of a World Champion stallion, to Dixon Flowers Rope Horses who bred him and who own his dam DT Sugar Chex Whiz. It's a big deal."

Making sure to recognize the village it takes to have a horse like this, Smith has always made sure anyone with a hand in this stallions past, present, and future feels seen and recognized. When they originally syndicated The Darkk Side, one of the highlights of becoming a share owner was the fact each person got to become a part in the incredible young stallions future, but it all started five years ago when Dixon Flower Rope Horses chose the $10 million sire Once In A Blu Boon to cross on their elite mare, DT Sugar Chex Whiz.

Below: Listen to the interview with Trevor, Miles and Melanie after the World Show win.

The stallion was started by Tyson Benson before going to Chris Littlefield to be ranched and lightly roped on on for most of his two and three year old year. Last fall, he went Miles and Trevor in the Relentless Remuda program, where he would make history by becoming the first syndicated rope horse stallion. As a four year old, The Darkk Side has now earned over $75,000 and holds a title that is hard to come by... World Champion.

"Dreams do come true," Smith said. "So many people have been involved in this stallions success, we are excited for everyone. Miles, Trevor, Ty and I wanted to deliver to the people that joined this syndicate without hesitation - and we did just that by winning a World Championship today. We could not be more pleased."

Anticipation continues to build as names and emails flood in to the waitlist, trying to get a chance at breeding to The Darkk Side. When Solo Select finally announced when breedings to the newest World Champion would be available, Nov. 3 at 5pm CST, it was no surprise to see the list continue to grow to over 400 people.

To join the list for Darkk Side breedings, click here.

Those hoping to get their hands on a breeding are advised to have their phone on them at 5 p.m. CST, with the contracts sold on a first-come first-serve basis.

Earlier this week, Solo Select announced that they would be standing their stallion Metallic Cattack and The Darkk Side themselves, continuing their pursuit in supplying their clients with the very best.

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