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Bringing “The Very Best” to the Horse Business.

Solo Select Horses was created in 2018 with three words in mind: The Very Best. Over the years, Melanie Smith, owner and founder of Solo Select, has shown immense commitment to just that. What started as matching great horses with great buyers has turned into so much more.

As time goes on, Solo Select continues to prove its commitment to leveling up the industry.

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Here is the collection schedule for the following stallions:

Plain Catty

Metallic Cattack

This Catt Shines

ICSI/Frozen Only

Pride And Joyy - "Kilo"

The Darkk Side

Important reminder :

Orders for FRESH SEMEN MUST be made by 5:00pm

Central Time the day prior to shipment.

Order your frozen semen at least 2 weeks in

advance to guarantee availability

of shipping containers.

Cancellations MUST be made by 8:00am

CST the day of shipment. Shipment requests

must be called in to 903-436-6615

Email, Fax or any other type will not be accepted.

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